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Activities around Cybernetic
In: Usselmann, Rainer. The Dilemma of Media Art:
Cybernetic Serendipity at the ICA London. in:
LEONARDO, Vol. 36, No. 5, pp. 389–396, 2003.
Jasia Reichardt:
„I regret that there are no recordings of the
lectures that were given twice a week on
Thursdays and Tuesdays between 8th
August and 17th October. Among the
speakers were: Frank J. Malina, Herbert
Brun, Everett Ellin, Christopher Evans,
Rex Malik, Meredith Thring, Gordon Pask,
Iannis Xenakis, Abraham Moles, Lionel
Penrose, Robin McKinnon Wood. There
were others too, of course. The person,
who was of special importance to me, was
Christopher Evans of the National Physical
Laboratory, because during our
conversations we found the title:
Cybernetic Serendipity. It was approved by
Roland Penrose only after some
considerable persuasion because he felt
that people wouldn't be able to pronounce